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Register your TEAM here by creating a New Account, or Login with your USERID and PASSWORD to View your team. New Team requests will be activated immediately if no credit is required. Teams requesting to be invoiced after the event will be contacted within 24 hours for approval.

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Instructions for team members:

  1. Go to
  2. Select "Register" and then select Begin online registration.
  3. Select event you wish to participate in.
  4. Select "Register as a Team Member"
  5. Select your team from the dropdown list.
  6. Complete the team member form.

** PASSWORD required for corporate teams billed after the race.

Team Guidelines

Family teams can include family members and family friends. Before family and friends team members can be entered, a team must be created. Select "Create a Team" to create a family and friends team.

Any number of team members can register for your Family and Friends team. Male and female runners will be combined for team scoring.

The times of the top three finishers will be combined to score each family team. The lowest combined three times will determine the winning Family team.

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